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Kitesurfing Sri Lanka Kappalady Kalpitiya

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Yoga & Kite with Sandra Bicker February 2017


YOGA & KITE  -  Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka
7. - 14. February 2016
Unwind, relax and laugh. Swim in the ocean. Watch dolphins. Experience and enjoy Yoga and Nature!
In the mornings and/or evenings we practice Yoga for about 90 to 120 min. Sessions include Pranayama (breathing techniques), classical
Hatha Yoga asanas (body postures), dynamic movements with synchronized breathing, and deep relaxation.
Our professional Kite Instructor Anne Radloff will be there for you. Every participant will get a free hour with a trainer kite under supervision of the kite instructor or if already advanced a 30 minute free instruction at any required level. Anne can do complete beginners courses which take about 9 hours, adding new tricks and skills to your repertoire or she may guide a breathtaking kite safari along the famous, beautiful and untouched sandbanks and islands of NW Sri Lanka.
For bookings please directly contact Sandra Bicker

Mobile: +49 151 253 944 30
Elements Kitesurfing Hotel Sri Lanka
Elements Kitesurfing Hotel Sri Lanka
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