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Our hotel is located near Wilpattu National Park.

Elements Beach Resort is one of the hotels located close to Wilpattu National Park. If you are an explorer and venturing for an encounter with the largest predator in Sri Lanka – the majestic Sri Lankan leopard, you must head for the Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka’s largest National Park. The park is in the lowland dry zone of North Western Sri Lanka, roughly a one and half hour drive away from Elements. Wilpattu National Park is the habitat of the largest leopard population in Sri Lanka – estimated to 140 leopards in total. Therefore, going on a Wilpattu safari from our hotel is your best opportunity to see this endangered animal.  

Wilpattu in the meaning of its name captures what it entails, a land of many lakes “Willu” or collection of water bodies (tanks) of various sizes. Among Sri Lanka’s National Parks Wilpattu National Park is unique with its biodiversity. Over 25 species of mammals, unique Flora and Birds are found in the Wilpattu jungle.

Endangered animal species such as the wild elephant, slothed bear, the leopard and the wild water buffalo adorn the rich wilderness of Wilpattu National Park. You can also see the wild sambhur, spotted deer, mongoose, and mouse deer during your safari to Wilpattu. Most commonly sighted reptiles slithering in the Villus (water bodies) are the water lizard, crocodile, common cobra, rat snakes and the Indian python. Among the birds circling the skies of the Wilpattu are  the painted stork, open bill, little cormorant, Sri Lankan jungle fowl, many species of owls, eagles, gulls, wetland birds such as spoonbill, purple heron, egrets, white ibis, whistling teal, pintail.

Since Elements is located close to Wilpattu, a day excursion to Wilpattu starting from our hotel is one of the experiences you would not want to miss in your life.

Bird Watching in Sri Lanka in the Kalpitiya Area and around Elements

The lagoon systems of Kappalady and Kalpitiya are a paradise for birdwatching in Sri Lanka. Various water birds like the kingfisher, sea eagles, kites, egrets, spoonbill, purple heron, white ibis, whistling teal and pintail are dwelling in the mangroves and lagoons surrounding Elements Nature Resort. Since the Kappalady lagoons are rather young in age there are NO crocodiles and are perfect for birdwatching in Sri Lanka. Especially, in the winter months, many migratory birds make Kappalady their home. The best way to explore this nature paradise is by paddling. SUPs are available at the Kite Center.

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