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the Vision

Elements started with the vision to create a platform for people to immerse in nature and to discover our purpose of being. It is a place to live out your passion for watersports, to connect with people from around the globe and to simply be.


Kitesurf Hotel Sri Lanka
Elements Beach & Nature Sri Lanka
Badoor Daughter
Elements Beach & Nature Sri Lanka
Outdoor Nature Shower
Kayaking Kappalady Lagoon

Waking up by the whistle of the sea eagle, and starting your day with a breakfast at the beach. Elements embraces you with the warmth of Sri Lankan hospitality. Our local team will make every effort for your to feel at home at the Elements Beach Hotel Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka.

​As we are right at the beach and surrounded by the windy flat water lagoons of Kappalady which are famous for kitesurfing, stand up paddling (SUP) and bird watching, Elements is rated the trendy beach hotel in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka. With more than 700 coconut trees and wild lush greenery spreading over the 22 acre beach front property, we are in a perfect setting for you to enjoy a unique beach holiday in Sri Lanka – unwind, relax, and get inspired.

​We are blessed with pristine nature all around, nestled in between hundreds of palm trees, lush mangroves and the sound of the Indian Ocean. Elements beach hotel in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka is literally surrounded by flat water lagoons and the ocean. With Kite Center Sri Lanka we are based at the best kite spot in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. The Kappalady reef in front of our beach restaurant is the habitat of large schools of tropical fish and home of the largest pods of spinner dolphins in the world. Thus we are at THE hotspot for kitesurfing, scuba diving as well as dolphin watching and whale watching in Sri Lanka.

At our beach hotel in Kalpitiya, our Lagoon Villas and Coconut Palm Houses are smartly designed to minimize the carbon footprint. Adapting efficient insulation concepts, capturing the fresh sea breeze for inside cooling and together with the use of indigenous construction materials like coconut leaves, local wood and concrete, they considerably contribute to the green holiday concept.

We have implemented a systematic waste recycling and beach cleaning scheme and thus contribute to the social and environmental sustainability in Sri Lanka.

barefoot luxury...
... in the tropical nature of Sri Lanka...

Words from our guests 


Aug 2022

Luis & Family:

"Wir waren uns unsicher, ob wir nach Sri Lanka reisen sollten. Es war die beste Entscheidung!"

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...a sustainable source for wellbeing

Amidst the lush sound of the Indian ocean and the warm sand below your feet you can enjoy your meal at our beach restaurant Kalpitiya in a unique setting, a warm and authentic atmosphere next to the beach. The Elements beach restaurant is known for the best ocean ambience in Kalpitiya...a peaceful beach getaway for honeymooners, families, nature lovers and kitesurfers alike.

There is always something magic about burning flames right at the beach. To celebrate the ELEMENT of FIRE and to enjoy the community amongst our guest, once a week we light the legendary Elements Beach Barbeque and feature the flames with fresh barracuda, tiger prawns or a whole tuna, a Spanish Maqrel or Garupa. It all depends on the days catch! Voted “Best beach barbecue in Kalpitiya”.

As we care about the health of our guest we grow our very own fruit, vegetable and herbs organically. Our chef then turns them skillfully into delicious variations of authentic Sri Lankan dishes. The Elements kitchen is one of the few offering organic vegan food in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka.

Our fellow vegan guest told us that they can happily enjoy about 80% of the dishes prepared by our chef. An homage for vegan food Sri Lanka.

If you have special needs let us know - our kitchen team will try their level best to make it happen: YES WE CAN is our mindset.

Explorers of the Wind

Kitesurfing, SUP & Kayaking in Kappalady, Kalpitiya

In 2005 we were the first to kitesurf in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka. We have explored the entire Kalpitiya penisula and finally choose the best location to establish the Elements beach hotel in Sri Lanka. Our vision for Elements and Kite Center Sri Lanka started to materialize and in 2012 we started to operate our kite school at the windiest spot in Sri Lanka. At KAPPALADY BEACH. The combination of the best wind conditions and the ocean meeting the flatwater lagoons here in front of our beach hotel, make this the most versatile and best kite spot in Sri Lanka. Due to our wind exposition we have the strongest and most consistent wind throughout entire Sri Lanka. 

As our kite school is right in front the beach, next to the lagoon and next to our swimming pool, kitesurfers claim it to be the ultimate setting for a kite school in Sri Lanka. In the waist-deep, warm water of the Kappalady lagoon beginners find ideal conditions to learn kitesurfing.

We are the official representative of INDIANA SUP in Asia. With INDIANA, we have a solid product partner guaranteeing Swiss quality for our standup paddling fleet in Sri Lanka. As Elements is situated right WITHIN the natural lagoon system, our paddlers find themselves all year round in the best standup paddling SUP spot in Sri Lanka.

The main kite season in Sri Lanka is May – October. We have a second kite season in Sri Lanka which is December - March. 
SUP season Sri Lanka is all year round as parts of the lagoons are shielded from the wind by natural mangroves.
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...reenergize with the rhythm of the Indian Ocean at  Kappalady Beach & Lagoon

Kappalady reef is the habitat of the largest schools of spinner dolphins in the world. Shoals of hundred (plus) animals are being seen often. On top of this we have stationary colonies of the largest whales of our oceans in front: Blue whales, Fin whales and Sperm whales are being sometimes spotted at the continental shelf break off about 5 miles out.

Season for dolphin and whale watching Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka is: November to March

If you are looking for diving in Sri Lanka, the reef in front of Elements offers an excellent diving and snorkeling experience. We closely work together with a good local diving school who will pick you up right at the Elements beach to start your Sri Lanka diving experience.


If you are interested in deep sea fishing in Sri Lanka, you can join a local fisherman on his daily fishing trip. You will be leaving just before dawn around 530am. Great experience as you start fishing with the rise of the sun. Return around 10am.  

Diving season in Sri Lanka: November to March. 

Natue Lovers
...welcome to Elements!

We care

At Elements, we have committed ourselves to a sustainable operation throughout:

CARBON FOOTPRINT: We use solar energy as the main source of electric power. We have established our own vegetable and fruit garden on our premises and purchase local products whenever possible. Beach cleaning and transports are done by traditional ox cart (cows are not emission free, but we believe them to be the more sustainable solution than a vehicle taking into account all the energy and material consumption for building and proper disposal).

ZERO PLASTIC: Wherever possible we have cut down the purchasing and use of plastic (like plastic bottles, plastic straws and plastic wrapping). ​Plastic waste really is an unsolved problem in Sri Lanka. 

REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE: Our general policy when it comes to use of all sorts of resources.

CARE FOR LOCAL COMMUNITY: Business is done with local workers, craftsmen, fishermen, dealers, manufacturers and contractors whenever possible. The lagoon is reserved for prawn fishermen in the evening (we stop kitesurfing in the lagoon at 5pm). Finally, Elements has supported the building of the local kindergarden (St. Peter's Early Child Care Development Centre) which can be visited by our guests.

People With Heart
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