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Scuba Diving at Kappalady Reef, Kalpitiya - Sri Lanka

While diving in Kalpitiya doesn’t usually appear on as a must-do activity in guidebooks, the little village of Kappalady is blessed with one of the most spectacular recently discovered scuba diving sites in Sri Lanka. In front of Kappalady beach there is one of the best reefs and dive spots along Sri Lanka's North-West coast. We closely work together with two local dive schools which are based on the shores of Kalpitiya which both are experienced dive centers. The images below were taken there during a scuba diving sesson on Kappalady reef, Sri Lanka. The best season for scuba diving in Kalpitiya is from November to April.
Not been diving for some time? No problem, we are happy to arrange a SCUBA refresher in our on site pool and the shallow section in front of our private beach. Like this you will repeat your hand signs, checklists, and need to knows and will then quickly be ready for your fist open water dive in the ocean.

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