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Dolphin and Whale Watching in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Best dolphin and whale watching season in Kalpitiya − Sri Lanka is from Mid October until end of March! During these months large schools of the playful spinner dolphins are dwelling just three nautical miles out, in front of Kappalady beach. Another 2 miles further out the continental shelf is breaks steeply into the deep ocean. Because of the converging deep currents and the rich sea life this is the preferred habitat for the blue whale, sperm whale and grey whale - the largest mammals which have ever inhabited our planet.

Prices (2-3 hr whale & dolphin watching trip) 

Dolphin watching in Kalpitiya, has become one of the main wildlife attractions in Sri Lanka. Our dolphin watching boat leaves at 07:30 AM directly from our house beach. The dolphin watching excursion takes about 2 hrs.

Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Watching

Equipment, Crew

Our dolphin watching boat hosts up to 6 people + driver and guide. It is equipped with a 40 hp Yamaha outboard engine. Elements is holding a Dolphin Watching Permit approval to conduct excursions at sea from Sri Lanka Naval Forces Kalpitiya.


Our dolphin watching boat is equipped life jackets forward facing seats and a canopy.


Our dolphin and whale watching guides and boat drivers have wildlife permits and are amongst the best trained dolphin and whale spotters in Sri Lanka and Kalpitiya. Laxsman, our main boat driver, used to be the head of the local fishing society and is a highly experienced and skilled fisherman.


As dolphin and whale watching in Kalpitiya became more popular over the last years, the government of Sri Lanka started to control the number of boats. Elements is a licensed center for dolphin and whale watching in Sri Lanka.



Care about the ocean and sea life are key points for Elements. Our boat drivers are not chasing the dolphins but rather observe them with respect.


For information on the Blue Whale population in Sri Lanka refer to the BBC video here:



Prices including Tax: (prices are subject to change)


Price per person:

4-6 guests in the boat:       35 EUR

3 guests in the boat:          45 EUR

2 guests in the boat:          55 EUR

1 guest in the boat:           100 EUR


Children (5-12 years):        20 EUR


The prices include a 8 EUR government dolphin watching ticket and a softdrink. Extra boat hours on request of the guest exceeding the standard 2 hrs will be charged 50 EUR / hr.

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