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Horse riding in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

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Welcome to Elements Stables - private horse riding on the beach in Kalpitiya Sri Lanka. 

Horse riding in Sri Lanka has a long tradition. It dates back to the Portuguese and English settlers, going back centuries. With the independence of Sri Lanka, the culture of horse riding has gone missing. It is just in the very recent past where a few equestrians have started to revive the tradition of horse riding in Sri Lanka in various parts of the island. 


The 2 horses which call now Elements in Kappalady, Kalpitiya their home since September 2021 belong to our 2 daughters who look after them with much care and love. "Buddy" and "Aquarius" are their names. They are by now two well trained horses and are being ridden regularly also by our guest.  

Our horses are roaming around freely on our 22 acre beach front property. At 10am they are led into the paddock where they are being fed at 11am. The hot hours are their rest time. Between 8-10am and 4-6pm are their working times where our horses are being ridden along the back lands and the beaches of Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka.  

Maximum rider weight is 80kg. For "Buddy" the smaller one the max rider weight is 70kg. 

We are not a riding school, but we are leading kids and people to enjoy horse riding along the Kappalady beach and lagoon in Kalpitiya Sri Lanka. Experienced riders can do freeriding after due consultation with our management and after having proven adequate riding skills. All riders have to fill out a check in form and legal waiver.

Horseback riding along the beaches and back lands of Kalpitiya is definitely one of the unique and thrilling experiences wile visiting Sri Lanka. 

PRICE 40 EUR per hour / 25 EUR per 30 min (plus 10% service charge). 

Before you come this way for horse riding in Kalpitiya, please inquire from our manager about the situation. Our 2 horses (Buddy and Aquarius) also have their off days :-)

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