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The Vision

Our Vision

Elements is to be a global sanctuary where people, the outdoors and spirituality intertwine, a small haven of peace where we can re-connect with God's magnificent creation. Through transformative experiences and evolving personal relationships we want it to be an escape where we encounter what we have been searching for in life.

With your stay, you support many livelihoods and help to protect the unique surrounding nature. Visit us and become part of the "Elements Story"!

Who We Are

Who we are 

“I started Elements out of a passion for kitesurfing, people and nature. I love being on the water and share it with others. I am amazed by the grace of God and the way he designed life. I believe that we are all here for the reason of living in a relationship with God and to be ambassadors of hope, love, truth and forgiveness. Elements shall be a blessing, a place where we connect with our hearts, immerse into nature, reflect about origin, purpose and destiny and enjoy to just be.”


Marcel Bobay, Founder

The Elements Story

The story...

In 2004, I, Marcel Bobay, a Swiss airline pilot, came to Sri Lanka to fly for Sri Lankan Airlines. Initially, it was meant to be a short-term intercultural experience in a tropical paradise. Little did I know what awaited me. As a passionate kitesurfer, I began exploring new kitespots during my free time, which I spotted from the flight deck during my flights to and from Colombo. Eventually, I started organizing mobile kite events for friends and fellow kitesurfers from around the globe.

Then, in 2005, something extraordinary happened. Through prayer, I received a vision to create a platform by the sea where people could not only indulge in their love for kitesurfing but also connect with creation and contemplate the origins, meaning of life, destiny, and the underlying purpose.

The question remained: where would this platform be established?

It was on that magical day in January 2006 when I stepped onto the warm sandy beach of Kappalady, feeling the powerful yet gentle winds, the mist of the salty ocean waves on my skin, and the tropical sun's warmth on my back. In that moment, I knew Kappalady was the place where this vision would come to life. Thus, "Elements" was born.

Over the next five years, we faced challenges, underwent extensive planning, and carried out construction. Finally, in February 2012, Elements opened its doors with a breathtaking event—the first semi-crossing of Adams Bridge.

and where we are today...

Here we are today at Elements, a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation, a place to Immerse in the soothing rhythm of nature, reflecting on life's wonders and connecting with people from around the world. Our existence is part of a grand plan, driven by a commitment to invest in others and preserve the environment sustainably.

Through guidance and steady employment, we empower local youth and villagers, supporting their children's future through partnerships with local schools and organizations. Leading the Kappalady Hotel Organization, we coordinate beach and lagoon cleaning, transforming plastic waste into alternative fuel at a nearby incineration plant, reducing CO2 emissions.

Committed to zero plastic, we strive to minimize waste and recycle diligently, embracing food waste, compost, metals, glass, plastics, and burnable materials. Solar power powers our hot water and electricity, minimizing our carbon footprint.

As facilitators of a large-scale environmental education program for school children, we collaborate with Faith Kiteboarding and local authorities, launching initiatives to create a greener Sri Lanka.

In our on-site Elements garden, we cultivate fruits and vegetables using organic compost. Our abundant coconut trees produce more coconuts than we need, so we share them in the local market.

Our latest pride and achievement are Johan and Walter, the Sri Lankan bulls, serving as our ecological work partners, replacing diesel machinery and tractors.

Ultimately, it's all about you, our cherished guest. Your smiles inspire us to continue our mission day by day. Thanks to you, the vision of Elements thrives, making Kappalady a truly special place.

We wish you an unforgettable stay with us!

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