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Dolphin watching Sri Lanka

Dolphin watching Sri Lanka: The Indian ocean, just off the shore of Elements Watersports and Nature Resort, plays host to huge pods of Spinner dolphins.

A typical dolphin watching trip goes as follows: Our guests take a leisurely stroll from their villas or cabanas to our beach restaurant where they can enjoy an early morning tea or coffee and a bowl of delicious fruit with their toes in the sand. They can relax in the early morning peace to the gentle sound of the calm Indian Ocean lapping on our beach. Then it's few steps across the sand to where their boat awaits them.

Once everyone's aboard and all life vests are strapped on, the captain, one of our experienced boat drivers (all of our boatmen are local Sri Lankan fishermen with intimate knowledge of our waters) will launch the boat and head out to sea to where the dolphins swim.

Spinner dolphins - just off the shore of Elements Watersports and Nature Resort

Guests taking an Elements dolphin watching tour along the shores near Kappalady, Talawila, and Kalpitiya, can expect to see hundreds of beautiful Spinner dolphins frolicking in the ocean. We recommend bringing along a camera as this is an experience that you will want to capture on film.

Once the tour is finished it's back to Elements where it's straight out of the boat and into the beach restaurant for a tasty breakfast and the chance to look over your dolphin photos and videos, before deciding whether to spend the rest of the day relaxing on the beach or by the pool or perhaps trying out one of the other activities we have on offer.

The dolphin watching season runs from the end of October up until the middle of April. Pre-booking is advised as dolphin watching is extremely popular here due to the huge numbers of dolphins seen on a typical tour.

The Indian ocean of the shores of Kaplitiya, Talawila and Kappalady really does boast the best dolphin watching Sri Lanka has to offer.


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