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Is Sri Lanka Safe to Travel? The question is on everyone's mind.

Simon and his family visited Sri Lanka and stayed at Elements Beach and Nature Resort for over a week and had a lovely time. Many of you might have heard many things about Sri Lanka in the news and might be confused about the ground reality. Here is what Simon and their Family had to say about their stay in Sri Lanka.

How was your experience traveling in Sri Lanka? Actually, we thought, that traveling to Sri Lanka would be a hassle because we were to India before and never to Sri Lanka. But, when we landed in Sri Lanka we were surprised at how smooth our transfer to Elements Beach and Nature was.

At the airport, there wasn’t any hassle, and we got our bags without delay. The prearranged transfer was waiting for us at the exit and then we traveled for about 3.5 hours to Elements Resort. The kids were sleeping while we had some first impressions of the villages and palm trees.

Did you face any difficulties traveling around as a tourist during the economic crisis? We faced no impact on our travel plans. Touristic transfers get their fuel ration from state Gas stations, which needs some paperwork for the driver and maybe a few extra minutes of waiting time. We found the streets safe, and we were able to spend some time near the airport in Colombo. Shops, restaurants, and hotels were running normally.

What did you like the most about Sri Lanka? We mostly liked the open and friendly people. We got great support all over and at Elements Resort the staff really made our stay unforgettable! They cared about all the small details and special wishes and made extra food for the children and always with a smile and open for a chat!

What did you like the most about Elements Resort? At Elements Beach Resort we loved the open airy beach villa which suited us and the kids. The kids loved all the animals around the place and of course the fantastic pool area with great sundowner views! The Restaurant area with your feet in the sand or the rooftop lounge area are great places to hang out! They have such a high service standard in restaurant service, housekeeping, kitchen chef, and kite station.

How was your experience kitesurfing in Sri Lanka? Kitesurfing was perfect with a steady south westerly bringing waves on the sea but flat water in the lagoon and very few kite surfers meant I had ample space in the lagoon with the flat water to do tricks and jumps. my wife loved the warm water, as usual, she's always cold ;)

What do you have to tell to tourists who are planning to visit Sri Lanka now? Honestly, I guess now is the best time to visit Sri Lanka. With normalcy prevailing across the country and essentials becoming available, now is the best time to start planning your travel to Sri Lanka. You have all the beautiful spots for yourself. And we even had the whole kite lagoon for ourselves!

I was a bit anxious before leaving, but it turned out to be absolutely safe the Sri Lankan people are happy to have tourists and they also need tourists coming to their beautiful country!


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