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Elements Beach & Nature Resort - Asia's Best located Kite Hotel

I've been teaching kitesurfing since 2013. During that time I've worked at and visited a few different kite spots and more than one kite hotel around the world. My work and travels have taught me a few things about what to look for when choosing the best kite spots to visit and about which kite hotel you should stay in when you get there.

I have been fortunate enough to spend four seasons teaching kitesurfing at a kite hotel situated right at the best kite spot in Asia. Kite Center Sri Lanka is located on the beach within Elements Beach and Nature Resort beside Kappalady lagoon in the Northwest Province of Sri Lanka. The region is blessed with strong, consistent southeasterly wind from mid May to mid September. The wind blows 24 hours per day for around 25 days per month. Typical kite sizes at this time of year are 7m - 10m. It is rare that the wind stops blowing in the kite season but this year there have been a few days when the wind has been lighter and 11m - 14/15m kites have been used.

From mid December to mid March the area enjoys a northeasterly wind which picks up each day around midday and blows throughout the afternoon and early evening. This wind is a little lighter with average kite sizes being 10m - 14m. 9m kites are also seen being used by smaller persons.

One of the best things about Elements is the fact that it is located on the beach right beside both the Indian Ocean and the flat-water kiteboarding paradise that is Kappalady Lagoon. You can pump up your kite right next to our kite centre and then within seconds you can take to the water in either the ocean or lagoon.

Check in again soon to find out more about Elements Beach and Nature Resort. And, discover why it is Asia's best located kite hotel.

To find out more about kitesurfing at Elements, visit


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