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4 Reasons to choose Kappalady for your next Winter Holiday in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has always been a coveted beach destination of the beach lovers around the world, especially among Europeans during the Winter months. All the beach resorts from low price homestays to high luxury boutique resorts located in Southern Beach of the country get booked full well advanced during the season. The coastal region from deep Southern coastal area to South West coastal area of the country starts to look like a European country throughout the winter, starting from end of December to mid March. However, are you a beach lover who craves a less touristic experience, and does this situation disappoint you? Here is an option.

This is a quick look at the less exposed beautiful beach of Kappalady in the Northwest of Sri Lanka. Secluded Beach Kappalady inherits its own pristine beach and lagoon. Due to the civil war which lasted for 30 years, this area is still quite unexposed to the tourists. After the war ended, a small number of hotels were built around the region. Since Kalpitiya is a large area, it is an idea location for a traveller who loves a less touristic and a calm beach. You are likely to never get disturbed by beach boys or beach parties.Remember if you are a party junkie or a foodie who loves to eat from beach restaurants, Kappalady and Kalpitiya may not be the best place for you.

Kite Surfing, Dolphin Watching and Water sports

With its pristine and clean beach and shallow flat water lagoon, Kappalady is famous for kitesurfing, setting the mood for that amazing adrenaline rush. There are just 3 kite camps around the area. It is truly one of the best places to learn kitesurfing as the lagoon is ideal for freshers of any kind of a water sport. You can read more about kite surfing on here.

Kappalady beach has now become the best starting point for dolphin watching in Sri Lanka. You can watch hundreds of dolphins during a mere 60 minit boat ride from the land during December to Feb of every ear. If you are lucky enough, you may even witness the biggest animals on earth “Sperm Whales and Blue Whales" during your excursion.

There are two seasons for kitesurfing. May to October and December to March. Wilpattu National park, Sigiriya & other day excursions Another nearby highlight is the Wilpattu National Park – famous for the largest population of the Sri Lankan leopard which apparently is the largest leopard on earth. While enjoying your relaxing beach holiday, you can also take a chance to explore this s

mall but highly diverse tropical country. You will not get this chance if you are going to stay on the Southern or South Western beaches. Wilpattu is the largest national park of the country and just 1 hour drive away from Kappalady. Said this, unarguably, the Cultural Triangle in the central North of Sri Lanka is still the most famous attraction among foreign tourists in Sri Lanka. If you keen to explore the 2500 old Sri Lankan heritage and Kingdoms, and you can visit as a day excursion. Anuradhapura sacred city, Mihinthale, Sigyria, the ancient city of Polonnaruwa and Minneriya national park are the hotspots which could be visited in the cultural triangle.

Unique elements at Elements Resort, Kappalady

Elements Resort is a beach hotel that is operated under a unique concept and a theme.

It is a kitesurfing hotel, and also ideal for nature loving, beach lovers who are passionate about indulging under the tropical sun on a wide beautiful lonely beach. You will not see the crowds normally invading the beaches as in the south.

Elements Resort is passionate to sustainably maintain the beauty of the surrounding nature as well as to cultivate the respect towards the local villagers with their values and traditions. Staying at Elements you can witness a number of initiatives which they have taken to achieve it. Therefore staying at Elements Resort is going to be a truly unique experience in Sri Lanka. You could learn more about the resort here


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