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Why Kalpitiya, Kappalady is the best place to start your Sri Lankan holiday.

It is a bit tricky to choose the place to stay on the very first day of your Sri Lankan holiday after having long flight and pretty much jet lag. You can’t afford to miss a day for relaxing, but to start your journey to explore this tiny island. In this article I’m showing you why Kalpitiya - Kappalady is the best place to start your Sri Lankan holiday.

Colombo is a waste of time and Negombo is out of date.

Typically, Sri Lankan round tours start from Negombo or Colombo. The tourists who visit Sri Lanka from distant regions of the globe such as Europe or America would choose to have the arrival date for relaxing from the jet lag they have. Colombo city has many accommodation options and Negombo has too. But does this truly worth?

Moving around the Colombo city can be the worst experience anyone can have as soon as reaching to the destination. Even though Colombo - Airport highway can make your journey comfortable, still the travelling in the city is too harsh experience. The journey from the Airport to Colombo may take around one and half hour.

Negombo is the least distant place to stay next to the airport of Sri Lanka. But the question is does it worth? The unplanned tourism development in Sri Lanka has made Negombo as too touristic and crowded place. If you are interested in crowds and beach parties Negombo is the best. But for those who are searching for calm and peaceful tropical holiday, Negombo is not the start for them.

If no Colombo or not Negombo then what are the alternatives?

If you want to travel straight to Cultural triangle, it will take more than 4 hours of time. Kandy, again it is an exhausting journey to a place located in the middle of the round tour. Reaching to a coastal site of down south is much easier, but that is ideally the last destination of a round tour.

Then what is the best place to start the tour. Well.. I would say Kalpitiya peninsula is the best place, if it falls on your interest.

So what sort of place Kalpitiya is? The best way is to search on Google or read some other recommend a blog post in this blog - But let me point out a few points to make Kalpitiya as the best to start your Sri Lankan tour.

Distance and Traveling to Kalpitiya, Kappalady,

When you have a look on Google maps, it is far away from the airport. But it is not the distance make your journey delay in Sri Lanka. The main reasons are traffic congestion in the cities, road conditions and geography of the area. When it comes to Kalpitiya, you won't get huge traffic delays as soon as you passed Negombo city boarder. The road to Kalpitiya is not an expressway, but comparing to other roads in Sri Lanka, it is decent. Geographical wise the road is driven in parallel to the North West coast which is a flat landscape.

One of the other good thing about Kalpitiya is, it is not just a transit place. You have many things to get involved and number of excursions are there too. If you are planning to travel Kalpitiya, Kappalady, I would suggest to stay there more than 2 days to cover it.

I have written many places that Kalpitiya is the best place to witness biggest animal on earth and land within a day. That is blue whales and elephants at the Wilpattuwa national park.

Another extra opportunity you get by Kalpitiya at the beginning of the journey is to experience a pristine Sri Lankan beach while you are still waiting for a proper beach relaxing time at down south.

I hope these reasons will prove that Kalpitiya, Kappalady is one of the best options to start your holiday in Sri Lanka.

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