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Simplicity = Elements Resort

"When we came here first, we carried large suitcases with us and boxes of toys for our kids, but later we realized that just a few clothes in a small travelling bag for the four of us is more than enough for the entire stay as the children don’t need any toys when we are staying at Elements". These are the words of Sylvie, beloved wife of Marcel Bobay, the founding owner of the Elements resort.

Luxury of Simplicity

Simplicity is a synonym for Elements Resort. Simplistic architectural design with simplistic surroundings invite you to be simple with a minimal lifestyle. The idea of simplicity can be witnessed mostly everywhere in the resort, from the entrance, accommodation, food and the lovely people working and staying at Elements.

You might find it a bit difficult at the beginning to get used to walk barefoot inside the resort. But trust me, you will be addicted to the feeling of sandy earth under your feet. Since Kappalady in Kalpitiya belongs to a tropical landscape, you have to be careful with thorns which you can find in a tropical wilderness area. But if you manage to skip them, you will surely find the happiness of the touch of the earth during your stay at Element Resort.

There is beauty in simplicity

It is not a place for expensive modern fashions, but the eco-friendly rustic minimalist fashion. You better have a set of clothes to change when you come back from the water, but apart from that simple shorts and a top or beach dress is enough and you might not even unpacked any other clothes for your entire stay. It is not the time for fashionable clothes but for an active lifestyle at the beach and sea.

I'm sure the stay at Elements Resort will be an unforgettable one in every way. The food prepared is hundred percent locally produced. All the vegetables grow in Kalpitiya or close by regions. When I was there, Marcel has hired a person to look after their own vegetable garden. You will be lucky enough to get all the vegetables fresh from the garden of Elements when visiting next time. The fish you will get is super fresh. The guests can even visit the nearby fish market and see that all the seafood they get and which is deliciously prepared by Chef Charith and Juliyana comes right from the nearby market or is even bought straight from a fisherman at the beach in front of Elements Resort.

I can remember how Sylvie welcomed us on the very first day we visited: "welcome to our little paradise". Well, it took me a couple of hours to understand why she calls this place in a rural, tropical, dry secluded area a paradise. But of course it is! I think Elements Resort is a Paradise of Simplicity.

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