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Redefining our journey during the pandemic: Beach holiday in Sri Lanka during Covid

Sri Lanka is open and as a Level 1 hotel by the beachside in Kalpitiya, we would love to welcome you again. Here’s what to expect during your stay at Elements.

After almost a year, Sri Lanka is finally open for tourists. Recently at Elements [as a Safe & Secure Level one hotel, certified by the tourism board in Sri Lanka] we welcomed our first guests after a year. We have for long missed the laughter, the kite-riders, the breakfast supper and the clinking sound of the sundowners. Needless to say, we were and are excited to finally welcome our guests, and create a home [away from home] for them during their time in Sri Lanka.

For months, our team tried their best to create a safe, hygienic place to welcome you all again. And our efforts are successful now, as our first few groups of guests are happier than ever, and are extending their stay at Elements.

Pandemic traveling: Beach holiday in Sri Lanka at a Level 1 hotel

Hear from our two guests who recently enjoyed their beach holiday at Elements during Covid

For Natalie and Miguel, who came from Spain and Germany to visit Sri Lanka, Elements became their most memorable stay during their “quarantine” period. While there is no quarantine in Sri Lanka, for the first 14 days of your stay, tourists have to stay at a level 1 hotel. You can still enjoy all the activities the hotel provides and visit tourist landmarks in a safe traveling bubble.

Both Natalie and Miguel stayed in two properties in the South of Sri Lanka before moving to Elements for the second week of their visit. “While we liked both the places in the South, they didn’t offer much activity. There was not a lot of space to move around. So after a few days, you would feel monotonous,” Miguel says, enjoying his time on a sunbed by the beach in Kappalady.

“Then we came to Elements. We are so happy we picked Elements for a week.”

Natalie says that their stay at Elements (as a Level one beach hotel) exceeded their expectations. While the staff adhered to safe and secure guidelines and PCR tests were carried by a professional healthcare team, Natalie says that for her, Elements offered a lot of fun activities. The couple enjoyed kitesurfing lessons right in front of Elements. On one of the mornings they went for dolphin watching in the near ocean starting at the beach in front of the Elements Beach restaurant. The vast, sprawling waters of the Kappalady lagoon, offered great relaxation coupled with adventure. “We went for stand-up paddling and kayaking and you could see so many birds. It’s lonely and amazing,” Miguel says.

One of the highlights of their stay definitely was going on a safari to Wilpattu National Park within the "bio safety bubble" and a safe & secure driver. “Not only one, we saw two leopards. We saw a sloth bear too. It was magical” Miguel adds.

"The hotel offered to arrange a dolphin cruise for us in their private dolphin watching boat. They have their own wildlife license to conduct dolphin cruises. After a short ride we spotted and followed a lively shoal of spinner dolphins - over a hundred I would say. Apparently this is not a rare sighting in the Kalpitiya waters Iwas told by the boat driver. It was such a pure and beautiful experience.” says Miguel.

For both Natalie and Miguel, who look for adventure and relaxation during their travels, Elements was a great place to begin their journey and enjoy their beach holiday in Sri Lanka during the pandemic. “It was perfect because there was so much space. The beach was empty. We had it to ourselves. Even when we have our food, we would sit in the open-air restaurant. So there was nothing to be scared of. The staff served us wearing their safety kits and took great care of us,” Natalie says.

Feel the magic of Sri Lanka without the crowds

Sri Lanka is not new to Miguel. During his teenage years, Miguel completed school in Colombo. Coming back to Sri Lanka now, Miguel says that he’s excited to feel and sense the country he once knew. In recent years (before the pandemic), tourism boomed in the country. With that, tourists flocked to the island in large numbers. Mass-tourism led to a loss of authenticity and feel of the paradise island. But now, those crowds are gone. “In a way, I feel like it’s the best time to see the country now with almost no tourists,” Miguel says, who plans to travel around the island for five weeks, exploring Sigiriya, Colombo, Ella and the south coast of Sri Lanka.

Miguel, who’s on a sabbatical for a year has traveled to the Maldives and Kenya after the beginning of Covid-19. Miguel says that both countries were exceptional, but in the Maldives, he was limited to one place during his stay. Although he was on a diving trip, it became repetitive. “In Kenya, we could just go outside. We were in the community with locals. There were no PCR tests or 14 day stays. So sometimes you have the anxiety whether you may have the virus or give it to someone else.”

“I think Sri Lanka has a great plan in that way. You do a few PCR tests and stay for

14 days in a Safe & Secure Level 1 hotel. After that you could travel as you want. So you are sure that everyone’s safe,” Miguel says.

Like Natalie & Miguel, we also have another German family, who came for only one week but has then extended their stay for another week as they soon fell in love with Elements. In a safe paradise-bubble, they recently traveled to see Lion’s Rock in Sigiriya with our guides as well. Our recent bookings involve two groups from Northern Europe. We are also hoping to welcome many more tourists in the coming days to our Safe & Secure Level 1 beach hotel in Sri Lanka for their beach holiday during the pandemic.

With gratitude,


Safari and diving photos from Natalie and Miguel.

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