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Why Kappalady, Sri Lanka is One of The Best Winter Beach Holiday Destinations in Asia

December to April is the beautiful winter season at Elements. A typical December morning brings light offshore winds; this is when the Indian Ocean turns into an inviting turquoise tone. At around 12 pm, the Northwest wind picks up and lasts till sundown, averaging 14-20kts, which is perfect for kitesurfing and foil kiting. Because of the calmer beautiful seas, plenty of green vegetation after the monsoon season and endless sunshine, December to April is a great time to enjoy a winter beach holiday in Sri Lanka. Bonus: You get to escape the cold in the Northern hemisphere. These conditions coupled with little to no Covid-19 restrictions mean that Sri Lanka is also one of the best winter beach holiday destinations in Asia. Sri Lanka is open to fully vaccinated travellers without quarantine. Visit this page for more information.

Why you should come to Kappalady, Sri Lanka for your winter beach holiday


If you are choosing Sri Lanka as a winter beach holiday destination, Elements Beach & Nature Resort is a great place to start your journey. The eco-friendly resort sits right by the ocean and has a long sandy beach that’s perfect for your winter beach holiday in Sri Lanka.

Elements is a community-driven, eco-resort committed to sustainability. You can choose from three different accommodation options for your winter beach holiday in Sri Lanka. All our accommodations include reusable glass water bottles that you can refill anytime, tea and coffee. We also offer shampoo and shower gel in refillable bottles.

Airy, spacious and offering you the opportunity to connect with breathing, raw nature, Coconut Cabanas have a thatched roof and an open-air shower. It also comes with a viewing deck with bean bags to chill and relax, as well as your little garden and patio.

Lagoon Villas — Rectangular and Round Villas

Our gorgeous lagoon villas have their own viewing deck leading to the sprawling lagoons. They also come with open-air showers that are perfect for stargazing.

Coco Beach Villa

A recent addition to the Elements, our beautiful Coco Beach Villa comes with a large hammock and a chill deck opening to the beautiful Indian ocean. There are also open-air showers built for eco-conscious travelers.

Food & Restaurant

Our on-site restaurant is hugely popular among all our guests and is one of the best beach restaurants in Sri Lanka. Our concept is open-air dining where you can let your feet touch the powder sand. We serve a mix of Sri Lankan and European homemade fare using locally-grown ingredients, made with love and care by our in-house chefs. When you come for your winter holiday to Sri Lanka, you can start your day with a hearty breakfast at our restaurant. Lunch is la carte, while dinner kicks off to another homely spread of Sri Lankan curries. Our new beach bar is also a great place to chill with a sundowner.

Not convinced yet? Here are some more reasons why you should pick Elements as a winter beach holiday destination.

Elements is a great place for an off-the-beaten-track beach holiday in Sri Lanka. During the winter season, the small village Kappalady — where Elements is located — comes to life with a number of fun activities.

Dolphin and whale watching

From December till April, about three nautical miles off the coast from Elements, you can watch hundreds of spinner dolphins as well as bottlenose dolphins twirling and leaping out of the water. It makes for a great marine adventure. If you venture further off the coast, you would be able to see blue whales and sperm whales; they are the largest mammals to grace our planet. A large number of marine mammals and species frequent the warm ocean waters of Sri Lanka, which makes the island nation one of the best winter beach holiday destinations in Asia.

Scuba diving

Our beautiful village Kappalady has one of the most beautiful diving sites along the northwestern coast of Sri Lanka. The rugged reef of Kappalady calls home to schools of fish, large stingrays, garupas, morays, snails and other colourful marine life. We also arrange diving trips to other nearby dive sites while also offering open water scuba diving courses to aspiring divers.

Afternoon and sunset kitesurfing

With strong and steady northwest winds and warm, butter-smooth flatwater, Kappalady is one of the best winter kitesurfing destinations. Mornings are slow, allowing you plenty of time to enjoy other activities at Elements. Wind pickles up in the afternoons, averaging 14-20kts and lasts till late evening. This means that it’s perfect for afternoon and sunset kitesurfing sessions.

Foil boarding

Another reason why Kapplady is one of the best winter kitesurfing destinations in the world is that it offers the opportunity to kiters of all levels. The wind is also perfect if you want to try some foil boarding or foil kiting.


We are blessed with a vast, stunning lagoon system that’s perfect for wildlife viewing. During the winter season, the lagoons provide breeding, nesting and feeding grounds to local birdlife as well as a number of different migratory bird species. Get on a kayak and explore our lagoons for an unforgettable adventure.

Standup Paddleboarding (SUP)

Another way to explore our lagoons is to get on a standup paddle. Mornings and evenings are an ideal time to see the raw beauty of the Kappalady landscape.


Cycling is a great, fun way to explore the Kappalady village and nearby areas, meet friendly locals and witness the beauty of Sri Lanka’s tropical landscape.

Wildlife Safari at Wilpattu

Wilpattu National Park is roughly 1.30 hours from Elements, which makes for a great morning safari trip. The national park is home to Asian elephants in the wild, spotted deer, wild boar, crocodiles and one of the few places in the country to spot a Sri Lankan leopard.

If you aren’t into adventure, you can while away the time at Elements by the pool, relax on a sunbed and watch beautiful sunsets colouring the skies. We also have new activities like boogie boarding for adventurous souls. Adventure or relaxation, Sri Lanka has plenty to offer for every kind of traveler. This is also the reason why Sri Lanka is one of the best winter beach holiday destinations in the world.


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