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Dolphin Watching in Sri Lanka: Snaps from Our Recent Trip

April is one of the best months to see spinner dolphins in Kalpitiya. So, on Sunday morning, at 7.30 am, we hopped on our resort boat to see these magnificent marine creatures. At first, we were a little worried. It was one of those unexpectedly windy late March mornings. The big waves looked to us as if they were a green-eyed monster. However, as we went deep into the big blue bowl, we were welcomed with calmer waters, azure blue in color. Soon, our eyes were searching for the friendly creatures in the ocean.

Two boats appeared. Then a few more. A little later, we saw the first sight of spinner dolphins. Hundreds of spinner dolphins swam in circles, appeared, disappeared and reappeared. These amazing creatures can grow up to 6 - 7 ft. in length. Nocturnal creatures, they sleep when the sun emerges over the blue skies and are active beings at night. A carnivore, spinner dolphins depend on squids, small fish, and shrimps.

They are also cooperative hunters. Swimming together as large pods, to locate the position of fellow dolphins and develop hunting strategies, they use clicks and whistles to communicate with each other. Enthusiastic and social, spinner dolphins live in pods and each pod can contain 100 to 1000 dolphins. They travel large distances to avoid ever-changing ocean temperatures and find a continuous supply of food resources. Sometimes, on their travels, they join the routes of spotted dolphins and sperm whales.

They can dive about 900 meters in depth and stay in deep waters for about 8 minutes. In the wild marine world, they can swim for 20 to 30 years. Pregnancies last for 10 months and once every three years, females produce one baby spinner dolphin.

The month of April also sees the arrival of humpback whales, bottle-nose dolphins, and the magnificent blue whale -- the largest animal on Earth! Come soon and stay with us at Elements for an unforgettable experience. We organize dolphin watching and whale watching trips until the season ends.





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