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Holidays Sri Lanka - Part 2: Discovering the beauty of Sri Lanka

Holidays Sri Lanka - Part 2: The wooden gates of Elements Beach and Nature Resort opened upon a scene of true Sri Lankan paradise. We drove slowly along a track of hard-packed, rich, red earth between tall palms; their fronds tossing in the wind. To the right of us, through the trees, I again glimpsed the lagoon. To the left I had my first sight of the Indian Ocean before it disappeared behind lush, green, jungle-dense undergrowth.

As we rolled around a corner, a thatched roof peeked out from amongst yet more coconut trees and Sri Lankan greenery. The thatch was set atop a white bungalow which sat upon the shore of the lagoon.

We trundled further along the track and a mongoose rocketed out of the bushes on our left. It scampered across the road and through the short grass in front of the villa before disappearing behind trees beside the lagoon.

We rounded another corner. In front of us the palms and grass gave way to a yellow-sanded beach. The beach restaurant and kitesurfing centre sat upon the edge of the sand. Behind them the sea glimmered. A large kitesurfing kite and its rider glided across the water in front of the restaurant. My holidays Sri Lanka style had begun!

Elements Beach and Nature Resort

More than just a holiday I fell in love with Sri Lanka and with Elements during my first stay there; so much so that I ended up staying for three months.

My husband and I now have a two year old son. Sri Lankan people are wonderful with children and Elements and the surrounding area makes for a beautiful, natural environment in which children thrive. These things considered, 17 months after our son was born we decided to return to Sri Lanka.

Check in again soon for part 3 of Holidays Sri Lanka.

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