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Holidays Sri Lanka Part 3: Celebrating the consistently fantastic weather

Another family loving their holiday in Sri Lanka

Holidays Sri Lanka part 3: During my first visit to Sri Lanka I discovered that the weather was fantastic! That was a big part of mine and my husband's reason for choosing to return to the island. However, this time, we were both coming to live and work.

My husband Mike had worked here previously for 11 months. He is a kite surfing instructor and had been working as a kite station and water sports manager at Elements Beach and Nature Resort in Kappalady in the Northwest province.

So, when his job again became available, we had some big decisions to make. At the time our son Luca was 17 months old. We were living in the city of Curitiba in the south of Brazil at the time. The weather in Curitiba is very unpredictable. The temperature can change by as much as 20 degrees in one week. One day it's raining, damp and cold, the next day hot and dry. This has a pretty negative impact on the health of people living there. Children get sick a lot. Luca was no exception.

Holidays Sri where the weather is always perfect!

The Northwest coast of Sri Lanka has a very stable climate. In the winter and summer the temperature sits at a steady 29 - 32 degrees. There is wind pretty much every day, making the temperature feel pleasant. Rain is an extremely rare occurrence during winter and summer.

Autumn can be a couple of degrees cooler. With that slight drop in temperature comes rain which falls on and off during November and the first half of December.

The end of March to mid May sees the temperature rise to around 35 degrees. there is often wind for the last couple of weeks of March. But April rarely sees wind. This year however there was quite a lot of days with quite strong winds which felt wonderfully cooling!

We wanted to give Luca the chance to grow up on the beach and amidst nature. We wanted him to have an outdoors, active lifestyle. Basically, we wanted him to be healthy.

And here in Sri Lanka, that's exactly what he is. He is thriving in the constant sunshine and wonderfully warm temperatures. So far in the 6 months we've been here, he hasn't been sick one single day.

Our decision to turn holidays Sri Lanka into living in Sri Lanka, turned out to be a good one!

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