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Kappalady Lagoon: Discovering the amazing sport of kitesurfing

Kitesurfing on Kappalady lagoon

Kappalady Lagoon: Prior to my arrival at Elements Beach and Nature Resort, I had seen kitesurfers in the Northeast of Brazil, but I had never considered trying the sport. I thought it was an extremely extreme sport which looked pretty dangerous. However, I am married to the manager of Kite Center Sri Lanka, the kitesurfing school which is located onsite at Elements. How could I be married to a kitesurfing instructor and kite school manager and not at least give the sport a try?

As I explained in my last blog post, Kappalady lagoon is a fantastic and safe spot to learn kiting. My husband Mike is a very experienced instructor. Now I know what you are thinking; never take lessons from your husband or wife! However, Mike is a very patient guy and so I thought I'd give it a pop.

The first part of the lesson involved learning how, why and where to set up the kite. Now this had always looked like a very technical and complicated process to me. However, once Mike began to talk me through it, getting me to physically do everything myself under his guidance, I realised that it was actually pretty straightforward.

We started by choosing an appropriate spot on the beach. We had plenty of spots from which to choose as, apart from one other Elements student plus his instructor, the beach was entirely empty!

Kappaldy lagoon has just three kite schools. The schools have a great working relationship with each other. Each one has its own teaching area and stretch of beach. There is a part of the lagoon which is set aside for people who can already kitesurf and there is no teaching allowed in this area. If no one is teaching on the lagoon the kiters are free to ride anywhere they choose.

Visit our blog again soon to read my next post in which I will tell you more about

my first kitesurfing experience.



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