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Kappalady lagoon: Part 1 - An amazing place to learn to kitesurf

Kitesurfing on Kappalady lagoon

Kappalady lagoon: Prior to my arrival in Sri Lanka, I knew nothing about kitesurfing or stand up paddling. Having lived here for a while I have learnt quite a bit about both sports. Kappalady lagoon is fantastic for practicing and learning kiting and SUP-ing. Today I want to talk about kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing - What I have realised about the wind conditions on Kappalady lagoon

I am from Brazil and have spent some time at the beach in the northeast of my country, the area famous famous for kitesurfing. There I had seen people kiting and of course I thought it looked like a lot of fun. But, before coming to Elements Beach and Nature Resort, it was not a sport to which I had paid much attention.

Living here in Kappalady and working in a resort which is right upon the shore of the best kitesurfing spot in Asia, I have certainly learnt a lot about kiting. So much so that now I am learning the sport myself.

What I have realised from my kite lessons and from talking to other kiters is that I am extremely lucky to be learning to kite here. Guests who have kited in spots all over the world regularly praise Kappalady lagoon. They tell me that as a kite-spot is has a lot of things going for it.

First and most important is the wind. In the main kitesurfing season, mid-May to mid-September, the wind on the lagoon is non-gusty and consistent. When it comes to this sport this is really important. I have hear from visitors to our resort, stories about trying to learn in extremely gusty spots. They tell me that trying to build your confidence in a place where the wind keeps on dying before suddenly blasting into your kite, can be frustrating and scary. They tell me that the consistent wind on Kappalady lagoon makes it an easy and safe place to learn.

Check in next time when I talk more about my experiences learning to kite on Kappalady lagoon.



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