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Ocean Waste Disposal Program in Kalpitiya

As part of the World Environment Day, we together with the hotels and establishments in Kappalady contributed to the Ocean Waste Disposal Program initiated by Ceylon Environment Authority (CEA). To put this great concept into practice, we at Elements Resort, with the help of our staff, picked up all the beach waste around Elements resort premises, and the beach waste was loaded onto the tractor at 10 AM. The tractor was then placed next to the village school from 11-12 AM, where all the hotels in Kappalady were able to drop their segregated waste, plastic, PET and paper. The tractor then left to Palakuda Junction at 12 PM. At 12.30 PM, INSEE Cement picked up all the ocean waste of Kalpitiya region. The gathered plastic waste which was brought in by hotels was then taken for incineration in their plant by INSEE Cement.

Apart from this, Elements organize beach waste disposal programs from time to time. Our staff and guests enthusiastically contribute and take part in such eco-conscious events. We are blessed to be living in a beautiful world, and call this planet our home. And it’s our duty and responsibility to preserve the beauty of the environment for future generations. At Elements, we take a great effort to keep this world clean and preserve our environment. As a result, we now avoid everyday plastic consumption as much as we can. One example is the plastic mineral water bottles in our cabanas and villas which were replaced by reusable glass bottles. Guests can refill these glass water bottles at the dining hall from an unlimited, filtered water supply.

Single-use plastic consumption has caused severe damages to the beautiful world we live in. Here are a few ways how you could avoid single-use plastic in day-to-day life and adapt environmental-conscious practices to your lifestyle.

1. Carry a reusable bag made of cloth. Say NO to plastic bags in supermarkets. 2. Avoid plastic containers at restaurants. Carry your own metal container for takeaways. 3. Carry your own travel mug for takeaway coffee and beverages. 4. Say NO to plastic straws. Opt for reusable straws made of bamboo, metal or even grass. 5. Avoid plastic spoons. Carry your reusable metal spoons.

Let’s make every day a World Environment Day and treat our planet with love and care.

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