A Perfect Day at Elements

Beach Resort Sri Lanka

A wide-open, golden coastline, powdery sand beneath your feet, and two flatwater lagoons perfect for kitesurfing, Elements -- fringed with coconut trees -- sits next to the beautiful Indian Ocean in Kappalady. An eco beach resort in Sri Lanka, our concept is all about living in harmony with nature. For those who join us, even if it’s for a few days, here is how a perfect day at Elements look like.

7AM: Wake up in your cabana, to the rustling noise of the palm leaves gently hugging one another. Morning yoga takes place in our pool area, overlooking the azure blue waters. Your walk this morning is adorned by bim thamburu (goat’s foot) flowers, painted in pink with a purple tinge dancing to the welcoming breeze. Don’t forget to say hello to our resident donkeys!

8AM: Breakfast time. Our restaurant overlooking the ocean dishes up some delicious Sri Lankan meals for brekki. Let your feet embrace the touch of soft, golden brown sand as you feast on.

Eco Resort in Sri Lanka Kalpitiya

9AM: Before the midday sun barks in its all glory, kayak in our flatwater lagoons or join some SUP (stand up paddling) fun.

11AM: The sun shines bright now. Time to hit the pool before lunch!

1PM: Lunch! A la-carte menu. You can go Sri Lankan with rice & curry or opt for salads, fruity bowls, sandwiches, pasta and other continental dishes.

2PM: Grab a good read. We’ve set up a few sunbeds with eco-friendly sun umbrellas at the beach. The breaking waves, those that sent you to sleep last night will now gently tickle you. The warm salty seabreeze is a welcoming touch to hot afternoons at Elements.

3.30PM: On a good windy day, set yourself up for a downwinder. Out kite school Kite Center Sri Lanka is occupied with local and foreign, multilingual kite instructors. We also have a kite shop for all your kite gear needs.