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Sri Lanka is totally safe to travel

Lots can be said about how safe it is to travel to Sri Lanka. Out of my personal perspective I consider travelling to and in Sri Lanka as very safe - and not only that. In fact it the best time since 20 years to visit now! At times fuel, diesel, gas and various basic commodities are limited, however bear in mind that you are warmly welcome in Sri Lanka, not to say carried on hands by the Sri Lankans. They really do everything for you. You will easily find public busses, rental vehicles and taxis to get around. The Ministry of Tourism has just released a special instruction to provide required fuel to tourism operators. So you really are looking at a hassle free holiday on a Sri Lanka as it was 20 years ago.

Beside my personal opinion, I feel it is good advise to inform yourself and read and see from thousands of happy travellers who share their travel experiences on Sri Lanka Travel and Tourism | Facebook Over 49'000 people, travellers, visitors, operators are part of this platform which talks openly about tourism in Sri Lanka and all its aspects. 

Come and visit Sri Lanka is the credo - and on in addition to spending a great holiday, your are helping the loving people of this amazing island nation. Hope to see you soon,


Marcel Bobay, founder and Chairman of Elements  

Tourist visa can be obtained at

You find all relevant and updated travel information on the official website of Sri Lanka Tourism

You may also contact our Operations Manager Samith on  

Whatsapp +94 770 066 468. He will be happy to help you with any information you need. 

Looking forward to welcoming you soon,

The Elements Team

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